The God Monitor follows many apologists through publications, websites, online videos, and live encounters. The following capsules summarize many of these personalities and our assessment of their apologetic. More to come…

The Christian Apologists…

William Lane CraigWilliam Lane Craig image
WLC is probably the best known apologist for his frequent debates against many notable atheists including Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris (but not Richard Dawkins, to his chagrin). Although his arguments suffer the same flaws as other apologists, Craig often succeeds through exceptional debating skills and his vast erudition. A professor at Biola, he operates the Reasonable Faith website and produces a weekly podcast where he answers questions and discusses his debates. His reputation as a kind and gentle person is belied by his open contempt for non-believers and for his suggestion that the biblical genocides were acceptable. Star Wars Analog: Grand Moff Tarkin
Frank Turek
Frank Turek image
A TGM favorite, Turek is the founder of Crossexamined.org and the author of I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, and more recently Stealing From God. An evidentialist, Turek parrots many of William Lane Craig's arguments on the Kalaam, objective morality and bibilical history. He also has a weekly radio program on the NRB network, also published as a podcast. His frequent guests include J. Warner Wallace, Stephen Meyer, Greg Koukl and John Lennox. Among his failings are the complete misunderstanding and/or misrepresentation of atheism and antipathy towards intellectualism. He also debated Christoper Hitchens twice, as he loves to remind us. Star Wars Analog: C3PO
John LennoxJohn Lennox imageThe Cambridge mathematician boasts an impressive resume outside of apologetics. He is among the few who have had the opportunity to debate both Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens on the subject of God, representing himself fairly well. Lennox's apologetics suffers from an excess of emotional appeals and appeals to ignorance.
Kent HovindKent Hovind imageAka Dr. Dino, Hovind is probably the most hated apologist for his appalling misrepresentation of science vis a vis evolution over the last 30 years. A self-proclaimed Ph. D and alleged high school teacher, Hovind has lectured extensively on cosmology, geochemistry, paleontology, and many more subjects in which he has no formal training. Hovind ran Creation Science Ministries until 2007 when he was sentenced to federal prison for tax evasion regarding the Dinosaur Adventureland Theme Park. A conspiracy theorist, he rails against the New World Order, communism, government, and all the other fads.
Eric HovindEric Hovind image

The son of Kent Hovind, Eric took over Creation Ministries when his father departed for jail. Eric lacks his father's charisma and public speaking ability, but has no problem adopting his father's jokes. Rather than public speaking, Eric prefers to spend his time trolling atheists and engaging the debate with his buddy Sye Ten Bruggencate. Among his current projects is the Genesis movie and the Creation Today show, a lavish 30 minute television program on apologetics whose frequency has waned in the last year. As fans of his show will tell you, Eric's favorite word is "wow."
Sye Ten Bruggencate
Sye Ten Bruggencate image
Probably the least agreeable apologist around, the irascible Sye is a presuppositionalist known primarily for asking "how do you know that?" To Sye, God is necessary for knowledge (justified true belief) and that without God, you cannot know anything. Sye won't even discuss the bible with nonbelievers. You can find him at proofthatgodexists.org if you can figure out how to get through the maze. Star Wars Analog: Darth Vader
Ken Ham
Ken Ham image
The best known presuppositionalist, Ham is the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky. His most famous public event was his debate against Bill Nye, the Science Guy, in February of 2014 that was covered by national media. Unable to address the arguments, Ham frequently retreated to his bible to answer many of the questions.
Matt Slick
Matt Slick image
The founder of carm.org, Slick is another apologist who applies transcendant arguments (TAG) to support his position. The greatest irony to Slick's story (and TGM loves irony) is that Slick's daughter Rachel is an atheist.
Lee Strobel
Lee Strobel image
Former journalist, Stroebel is the author of "The Case for [X]" series of books, including The Case for Christ.
Douglas Wilson
Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort image
We don't like to call people dumb. Frankly, TGM can be dumb, too. But Ray Comfort, aka The Banana Man, has secured a special place in our heart for his embarrassing ignorance on atheism and science, particularly his views on the Theory of Evolution, despite repeated educations delivered personally by scientists. Comfort's infamy among non-believers is most attributable to his use of the banana as evidence of a designer god. Ray, a native New Zealander, is the founder of Living Waters ministry and host of The Comfort Zone television program. Star Wars Analog: Jar-Jar Binks
Todd Friel
Paul Taylor
Jay Richards
Alvin Plantinga
Dinesh D'SouzaDinesh D'Souza imageD'Souza is an Indian born Christian and former policy analyst to the Reagan Administration, Today, he is a political commentator and writer affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation. D'Souza was the first apologist to come to our attention after joining Christopher Hitchens at Notre Dame for The God Debate in 2010. His apologetics titles include What's So Great About Christianity and Life After Death: The Evidence. In 2014, D'Souza was convicted for making illegal campaign contributions. His sentence included 8 months in detention. Star Wars Analog: Salacious Crumb
William Dembski
Stephen Meyer
Norman Geisler
Gary Habermas
Philip Johnson
Greg Koukl
John Polkinghorne
Ravi Zacharias
Josh McDowell
J.P. Moreland
Mary Jo Sharp
J. Warner Wallace
N.T. Wright
Alister McGrath
John Ankerberg
G.K. Chesterton
Sean McDowell
Hugh Ross
Cornelius Van Til


Jewish Apologists…

Schmuley Boteach
Denis Prager
David Wolpe


The Emeritus – Apologists whose time has passed…

Thomas Aquinas
C.S. Lewis
Isaac Newton
William Paley
Blaise Pascal


The Neville Chamberlains – These barely-apologists are believers who have tucked their faith into a tiny corner of their brain in order to do their respectable work…

Francis Collins
Ken Miller